10 Simple Ways to Look More Expensive

Apr 23, 2021
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Have you ever heard anyone say, “Man. I’ve always wanted to look… like a cheap, hot ass mess.”?

Yea, I didn’t think so. 

Well, for the sake of your sanity (and mine tbh) I hope you haven’t. If you have, Imma need you to send that person to me IMMEDIATELY…I just wanna talk.

If you think about it though, everyone wants to look expensive. You don’t walk around dreaming to look like trash (if you do, I honestly don’t blame you). You get up every morning, in the hopes that you look attractive – bearable at the least. You hope that people can look at you without screaming in horror as their eyes burn out of their skulls.

Here are 10 simple ways to look so expensive that even you’ll forget that your account has a negative balance.


1. Wear clothes that fit


This may seem obvious, but I have to say it. Believe it or not, every piece of clothing that you get off the rack won’t fit you *gasp*. Shocking, I know. Wearing clothing that’s so tight that you can’t even breath is not attractive – or comfortable. Why would you want to torture yourself like that?

And then there’s the complete opposite – wearing clothing that’s insanely too big for you. Now, if you’re wearing oversized clothing for a fashion “lewk”, then KNOCK YOURSELF OUT BOO! But if you look like an actual trash bag – stop it.


2. Get a tailor


Finding a really good and honest tailor is a necessity! They’re affordable and having one increases the wearability of your clothing. As I said before, you won’t always find clothing that fits you perfectly off the rack. So, if you love that shirt so much that you’d die for it – just buy it a size bigger and take it to your tailor. They can bring it in using your measurements and voila – you instantly look like a million bucks.

Plus, it sounds fancy to say you have a tailor. Hehehe.


3. Less is more


I’m all about being extra (I mean, have you met me?). But, if you take it TOO far to the point where you look like you just walked off set of a cheesy 90s rap video and your neck is about to break because you have too many chains on – then uh, you may need to take it down a notch (or fifteen).


4. Invest in accessories


Accessories are the most important part of an outfit. They can make an outfit look amazing…and they can make it look worse. Adding an accessory can be as simple as a nice belt, a pair of earrings, or sunglasses. For men, it could simply be a watch and a chain.

The possibilities are endless, but it’s up to you, your taste, and mood to decide which accessories to rock.


5. Wear structured clothing


Wearing structured clothing can make you look more sophisticated than you actually are. You could honestly be a total slob. But with you wearing, for example, a well-tailored blazer with slight shoulder pads – no one would ever know (unless they live with you).


6. Go monochromatic


I love monochromatic looks! It’s the easiest and simplest way to look like someone’s rich auntie (or uncle). Now I’m not just talking about an all-black look – even though it’s SEXYYYY and everyone’s fav – but I’m also talking all white, green, purple…all of it! Just something about someone wearing a monochrome look that makes them look like they have their life (and bank account) together.

Plus, it’s very slimming because the eye doesn’t break up your body into sections.


 7. Steam or iron your clothing.


For the love of god – please steam or iron your clothing. You could be wearing the most expensive Gucci suit known to man. But if you’re walking around in it all wrinkled and raggedy – you’ll look cheap and you’ll probably get a few side eyes (or ignored).

Don’t do it. Steam your clothes and take these people’s jobs, okay? Cool.


8. Invest in timeless pieces


Whew. Timeless pieces. These are the pieces in your closet that will never go out of style. Like ever. This includes the leather & denim jackets, jeans, blazers, suits, a classic button down, and more. When you invest in timeless pieces and take proper care of them, you’ll easily always look in style and like someone has to pay you just to speak to you.


9. Invest in a structured bag


You can never go wrong with a bag – even if it’s just one that can go with every outfit. Your beautiful bag can make you look like money even if you and everybody’s momma knows that you only have $0.39 in your account (fake it til’ you make it, right?).


10. Take proper care of your shoes


Sis. If your shoes are flapping in the wind and talking louder than you are – I’m going to need you to stop and find a store near you ASAP. There is no reason that you should be disrespecting your ancestors like this when you know you need new shoes. Stop procrastinating and get to it! 

Maybe your case is different and you’ve recently dropped hundreds on a new pair of sneakers. Take care of those babies consistently. Clean them and tuck them into bed at night. Read them a bedtime story. Do whatever you need to do in order to keep them maintained. Shoes need love too.

See? It’s not as hard as you thought it would be. You don’t need to drop 20 grand on a shirt just to look expensive. If someone told you that – issa LIEEE. You can easily wear a thrifted outfit and look like you bought it straight off the runway. Don’t overthink it. Otherwise you may get frustrated and end up pissed the entire day (I’ve done this before. Not fun).

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