4 Ways to ensure your dream style leaves your vision board

Jan 07, 2022
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And just like that, we're one week into 2022! By this time, you've probably created your vision board and wrote out all your fabulous goals for the year. You're excited, ready, and determined to meet each and every one of them (I know I am!).

But, have you ever gotten to the middle of the year and realized you fell off? That the goals you want to complete are still stuck on your board - staring at you?

Yeah, same. 

The million dollar question is though, have you ever created a STYLE vision board?

It’s like a regular vision board — except it’s specifically revolved around your style and where you envision it going. This is an exercise I have all of my clients do and it WORKS WONDERS!

(Visit my Pinterest and look through all the style personalities I’ve created🤩. It’ll give you a foundation as you begin to learn your aesthetic and where you want your style to go.)

I’ve created mine and I must say, I’m excited AF for next level Diamond💁🏾‍♀️ (wanna sneak peek?). 

Just like the goals on your vision board, you don’t want the goals on your style board to never leave the page. You don’t want to be stuck dreaming forever — you wanna live it out!

Here are 4 ways to ensure your dream style leaves your vision board.


1. Have your board easily accessible


Taking the time to create a beautiful board is one thing, but actually keeping it somewhere where you can consistently view it is another. As life continues to happen, it’s easy to get off track and put your goals on the back burner.

With your vision board in front you every single day, you’ll be constantly reminded where you want to go – especially with your style. Having your board easily accessible keeps you on track and the vision clear.


2. Be intentional with each and every piece you buy


Having a style board is pointless if you’re reckless with your purchases. Not only does it continue to hold you back from reaching your dream style, but it’s causing you to waste money – and babyyyy, we don’t like to waste our coins!

Being intentional means going shopping with a plan (for bonus points, take your style board with you when you go shopping!). Know exactly what you’re looking for and don’t settle. If you don’t find exactly what you love and you pick up something that’s more of an “ehh, this will do”, PUT IT DOWN!

Buy what you love to make your dream style a reality and never settle for less. You deserve that much.


3. Get a friend for accountability


Often I find people excited and on cloud 9 after planning their goals - especially when it comes to their style. Then they’ll reach a certain point of the year where they get lazy or bored and decide they’ll try again next year. 

I believe a reason for that is they didn’t have any accountability.

Having a friend or someone you trust to help hold you accountable is essential for many people. It’s also a major benefit because you’ll have someone to help keep you motivated and light a fire under your ass when you’re caught slacking. Plus, you can even get them to go shopping with you - it never hurts having a second pair of eyes.


4. Hire a stylist


When you’ve got a million other things to focus on, hiring a stylist can take off a huge load. We’re experts at making people look and feel good af – and who in their right mind wouldn't want that?

Sharing your personal style goals with a professional stylist is an easy and effective way to get you where you want to be. We simply know where to look, how certain clothes look on specific body types, and how to guide you in the right direction. Plus, we’re honest. We don't want you out here looking a hot mess.

If you’re tired of trying to figure out this whole style thing by yourself and want complete access to a stylist and help reaching your style goals, then join my 3-month coaching program! Let’s get you on the path to looking fly as hell😉. 

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