5 Things Singles Can Do to Love Themselves on Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2021
Pink and purple. It's officially Valentine's Day. How can singles love themselves on a day where it's easy to feel unloved??

To all of my lovely single Queens and Kings....y'all doing okay? We know that today is the day that all the couples are about to stunt on us. On your newsfeed you’ll probably see couples getting engaged, enjoying expensive dinners, or exchanging expensive gifts. You’ve walked through the aisles at the store and seen teddy bears bigger than your body, unnecessary amounts of heart-shaped chocolate, corny Valentine’s cards, and an unhealthy amount of pink.


Maybe you’ve even gotten so destructive to the point where you’ve imagined knocking everything off the shelves and setting it all on fire while laughing maniacally.


I get it, trust me.

But one thing you won’t have to worry about though is birthing a baby in November as a result of it. *coughcoughmymomcough*


To be honest, I kind of loathe the holiday. Along with personal reasons, I feel like it’s a commercialized trap and an easy way for singles to feel lonely even when they’re living their best life. I’ll wait until the day someone convinces me that I shouldn’t loathe Valentine’s Day. Until then, the date is receiving ALL of my shade – ALL OF IT.

So my love, how can you love yourself on a day where it’s so easy to feel unloved?

1. Dress up While playing Your Favorite Music

If there’s one thing that I know about a good outfit it’s that it makes someone feel good – ESPECIALLY if it’s an outfit that makes you look good. Think about it: do you ever wonder why it is that you feel so confident when you wear an outfit that speaks to who you are? Do you ever wonder why it is that you feel so subconscious and unappreciated when you’re dressed in something that isn’t you? Exactly – so show yourself some love by wearing something that makes you feel undeniably attractive and play your favorite music! Your future self will appreciate it.


2. Get That good lighting Set Up and Take (Timed) Selfies

Now why would you think that I’d tell you to wear a jaw-dropping outfit and not take any photos? Do you think I’m a monster?

Grab your phone and the ring light that’s collecting dust on the shelf and snap away! Twerk to Megan Thee Stallion in the process if you have to.


3. Post Those Photos On Social Media Honey and Get ALL the Hype You Deserve

So – you didn’t think I would let you get away with not posting them on social media right?

You better choose your favorite photos and post the CRAP out of it! Let your followers, friends, and family hype you into the oblivion of the stratosphere, okay? A good outfit did not happen if no one saw it but you, Jesus, and your cat.


4. Take yourself to Dinner – AKA cook or order your favorite takeout. I know you ain’t going anywhere sis.

Honey boo boo. If there’s anything that I learned while being single is that I don’t need to wait on anyone to take me to dinner – and neither should you. If someone looks at you crazy for taking yourself on a date, just remember that your hairline is in better shape than theirs.


5. Eat the dinner you ordered or cooked in step 4.

Let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for all of that good food to go to waste or get cold ma’am. You better do like me today and eat that Chinese takeout and watch Anime.

Whatever you do decide to do today, make sure you remind yourself how loved you are. If this means looking in the mirror and hyping yourself up with words of affirmation or simply enjoying your favorite glass of wine, then do it. At the end of the day, self-love is the most important type of love. If you don’t love yourself, everyone else will notice.

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