The Secret to Killer Confidence: Level 2 - Flipping your Mindset

Apr 07, 2022
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Whew Chileeee, your mindset is trash – and trust me, we can tell! In order to reach the personal style level that you want, you have to get your mind intact. It's gonna be beyond noticeable when you're rocking a badass outfit and your confidence is that of a rock: lifeless and nonexistent.

I know, I know - this is your billionth time hearing about mindset and you’re probably over it. But there’s a reason why it’s such a big deal. What you believe and what you think about yourself becomes a reality.

Haven’t you ever noticed? I mean, think about it.

💭 How many times have you avoided buying what you actually love because you're afraid of what everyone else will think?

💭 How many times have you put back that cute ass dress because you said "I'm too __ for this?"

💭How many times have you thought "No one's going to hire me because I don't have any skills" and the wondered why it's taking you CENTURIES to find a job?

💭Maybe you're even an entrepreneur and have thought "No one’s going to buy my product or services because they suck and don’t have value" - and then have wondered why the hell your Stripe account is singing the blues on repeat.

If you’re not confident enough to sell your services, why would someone be confident enough to buy? If you’re not confident about your skill set for a particular job, why would the employer be? If you’re not confident wearing the clothes that you are, why would anyone else be?

Confidence is key. And after you face your fears, you must flip your mindset and believe the opposite of what you’ve been telling yourself for years. You have to know how to repel your negative thoughts. 

You are your biggest critic - so you must be vigilant in remembering the truths about yourself, not the lies. And that’s exactly what you’ll work on in my free guide that my clients go through. Keep in mind though that this isn’t a one-time thing - mindset work is continuous and requires consistency and discipline.

You are thee badass - and your style needs to communicate the same thing. So I’m ready to see all those negative thoughts be replaced by badass thoughts - aren’t you? If you said “hell yeah”, download your guide now!

Missed level 1 of killer confidence? Don’t worry boo, I got you. Get caught up here!

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