Make the Clothes Fit the Boss Who's Wearing 'em

Apr 08, 2021
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There I am, lying on my bed with my red satin bonnet and iPhone in hand. I'm endlessly scrolling through Facebook like every Millennial (whoops, sorry mom).
What am I doing, may you ask?
I’m silently judging people (hey, you do it too). I'm sending outta pocket screenshots and posts to my friends, seeing everyone and they momma get pregnant, and obsessing over cute fluffy dogs that I would pay someone to track down and kidnap for me (you know anyone?).
I immediately stop in my tracks and scroll back to a post that read:

“I’m so happy right now – it’s incredible how a piece of clothing can transform a person.”

This post came from a guy I’ve known since high school. In the past, life hadn’t been fair to him (I mean, is it honestly fair to anyone?). He went through a lot of life changes and struggles, but came out on top in the end. An important goal of his was to lose weight – and that he did. He lost a lot of it and when he put on this outfit, he immediately felt like a new person.
*In my Majimbo voice* -- WOW!
How often do you torture yourself, knowing that you can become so incredible, that even the angels weep? How often have you underestimated how powerful a piece of clothing can be?
I know, it's wild. 
But here’s the most important part: He’s recognized how magical and underrated clothing is. He gained better confidence. The clothes he has finally fits and makes him feel incredible.
This is what you deserve to experience. And this is why I’m creating a club called Style Worthy Club just for you. Style Worthy Club will be a place where bosses like you learn how to dress for the person you want to be. You'll recognize your worthiness not only when it comes to fashion, but life as well. You'll have unlimited access to me and be part of a diverse community of BOSSES.
What could be better than that?
You deserve to turn heads and have people gawking over how good you look.
You deserve to feel as confident as Lady Gaga did when she wore a meat dress at the 2010 MTV Awards. *gives intense side-eye*
But shhhhhh ~ SWC isn't open yet. She's coming soon. Want to be the first to know when the doors are opened?
I knew you would😏. Join the fam by signing up for my mailing list and you'll be served allllllllll the tea ☕️ .
So come awwnnnn, what are you waiting for? I promise I won't bore you to death. Trust me, you don't want to miss out. Plus, I'm a lot of fun.🌚

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