Top 5 Black Male Fashion Icons

Feb 21, 2021
For black history month, we look at 5 black male celebrity fashion icons and discover what we can learn from each.

Kings! I know you didn’t think I forgot about you, did you?

Like I told my sisters a couple of weeks ago, I encourage you to find your own fashion icon(s) – one(s) who catch your eye. It’s an amazing way to start figuring out your personal style and dress towards a better you.

I know it can be hard figuring out your style, so here are a few of my favorite Male fashion icons that hopefully inspire you in some way.


5. Wizkid & Burna Boy

Alright, I have a confession... For#5 I couldn’t choose just one Artist, so I chose two (don’t come for me). Nigerian singers Wizkid and Burna Boy both have similar, but different styles. They’re similar because their styles are recognizable, but different because their own personalities are entangled within their styles. We can all agree though, that Burna Boy is more on the eccentric side than Wizkid.

They also both happen to be my favorite Afro-singers so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they made the list.

Their styles are both urban with a flair of eccentric, while still sticking to their Nigerian roots and individual personalities. Africa is known for their eccentric fabrics so it’s no surprise that both Burna and Wizkid can pull it off with so much ease. It’s impossible to miss them.   

Men, don’t be afraid to add a little flair to your closet. Regardless of what you choose to wear, make sure that it speaks to who you really are. It’s not worth wearing something that you aren’t happy in just to impress someone else or “fit in”.


4. Bruno Mars

You not only know his songs, face, and his moves, but also his undeniable style. He’s known for his eccentric fitted shirts and signature fedora and sunglasses. One thing we know about Bruno is that he isn’t afraid of accessories – or change. Even though we have witnessed his style evolving over the years, he has still managed to stay true to who he is.

As men, I know it’s hard to be true to yourself. You’re faced with a variety of pressures on a daily basis and not many understand that. Regardless of how life goes, always fight to stay true to who you are. Find your signature style and stick with it. I promise that once you begin listening more to who you are, things will fall into place.


3. Kanye West

There are a lot of things that you can say about Kanye West – and I mean a lot. But one thing that you can’t deny is that Kanye has style. I admit that it depends on which era of Kanye we’re talking about because he has definitely worn things that didn’t make sense. With that being said, let’s talk about my favorite looks that I believe speak best about who he is. 

My favorite Kanye era is his tonal phase. When I say tonal phase, I mean wearing natural tones and earthy colors. His looks weren’t too trendy, but they were classic and masculine. He is the perfect mix of hip-hop and urban and is the type to wear a pair of Nikes with a suit on a casual night out. He is also the type to wear an all-white suit with bunched straight-fit skinny jeans. I honestly wouldn’t recommend bunching your jeans too much though if you’re under 5”8 – but you do you.

If you were to learn one thing from Kanye, it would be to take risks. We have seen firsthand how far his style can go. If you are a beginner with this whole style thing, I recommend you start with neutral and earth tones. Once you are comfortable and confident, you can start branching out to more bold colors.


2. Jason Derulo




Jason Derulo might have been the last person on your mind, but he still managed to make it to my top 2. I mean look at him, how could he not? From rocking an all-black look to rocking an all-red suit, he has the confidence to pull them both off like no other. One thing I noticed about Jason is that you won’t catch him NOT wearing an accessory, whether that’s a chain, watch, earrings, or all three. He knows how to wear accessories that fit his smooth personality without overdoing it. His style can also be under the urban and hip-hop archetype. My man walks the streets unbothered by what society thinks of him and dances like it’s no one’s business!

Learn how to accessorize, but don’t overdo it. I’ve enjoyed seeing the normalization of men wearing accessories over the years. Believe it or not, accessories are the most important part of an outfit – they complete the look! Without them, the outfit looks boring. Aside from wearing a good-fitted suit, there’s nothing more attractive than seeing a man wearing the right amount of accessories for each outfit he wears.



1. Jidenna


He’s a classic man – and a beautiful one at that.



The number one male fashion icon for me is Nigerian-American rapper Jidenna. You didn’t expect that, did you?


Seriously though, look at him. He’s eccentric and urban, yet classy at the same time. You can also tell that some of his looks are inspired by African culture. He accessorizes, wears well-tailored suits, bold colors and patterns, and walks around with the type of confidence any man would dream to have. He even has matching canes for all of his suits. Who the heck do you know that does that?

Here’s one thing that you can learn from Jidenna: just be you and don’t worry about what everyone thinks. Being too scared to wear certain styles or outfits is one thing that’s holding you back from becoming the man you want to be! If you walk around dressed just any type of way with absolutely zero confidence, no one is going to take you seriously and you won’t earn the respect that you deserve. Dress for the life you want to live – and also, buy a well-tailored suit.

If you are inspired and ready to take on the world, here are some tips to getting started on dressing your body type.

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