The Secret to Killer Confidence: Level 3 - Own your Identity

Apr 15, 2022
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Oh - so you're really ready to own your confidence, huh?

In my last two blogs, I walked you through my first two levels of confidence: Facing your fears and flipping your mindset. I even gave you the same guides that I walk my clients through in my program, Stylish Badass.

And guess what? Imma do it again. 🌚

For the final level of the killer confidence series, you need to own who you are.

Imma say it again.

You need to own. Who. You. Are. If you don’t own who you are and who you want to be, you’re going to have a hard time reaching that level of confidence you strive for.

The fact of the matter is, your confidence will slip at times during your life. Maybe you’ll fail at something that you had high hopes for and you begin questioning your skills. Maybe you finally get to try on a dress that you’ve been dreaming about forever - and when you finally do, it doesn’t look good on you at all, so your body confidence drops.

I get it. Life can throw an insane amount of curveballs that absolutely no one asked for. What matters the most though, is you knowing who you are and owning the hell out of it. Once you master that, no one can take it from you - no matter how hard they try.

So let’s get to owning it so your style can reflect it.

Here are a few things that you’ll do in your free download that’ll help you begin owning your identity:


Fill out a chart by listing what society says about you on one side and claiming what you know is actually true about yourself on the other


Society has a shit ton of things to say about you - especially if you’re black, a person of color, or are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Once you learn how to identify the lies that society feeds you and separate it from what’s actually true about you, you’ll be able to walk through this life confidently because you’ll know EXACTLY who you are (and you’ll also look good AF too).


List out your personal values


An awareness of your personal values - whether that has to do with what you value in relationships, your style, or a job - is so important. Because once you understand what you prioritize, you’ll never settle for less (and as royalty, you should never settle for less boo). You’ll list out these values in five different areas of your life.


Evaluate your squad


In this exercise, you’ll evaluate your squad and figure out if you need to make the tough decision and let some people go so that you can make room for better ones to come in.

As my favorite rich, badass auntie Rachel Rodgers has taught me: You are the top 5 people you surround yourself with. It’s part of your identity.

If you hang out with negative Nancys and low-self esteem Leslies, then you’ll find yourself adopting those same behaviors. If you have a toxic, lazy, and/or degrading partner, chances are you’re suffering and so is your success.

It’s difficult and damn near impossible to truly own who you are and elevate yourself when you’re constantly surrounded by people who drag you down. So it’s time for you to be around people who hype you up to the point where your head explodes.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download my Own Your Identity guide now. It’s time for you to love yourself more than Kanye loves Kanye.

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