Does Your Fashion Taste Remind You of Unseasoned Food? Stop Believing These 10 Myths

May 14, 2021
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When I was a kid, someone told me that if I swallowed the seeds of a fruit, it would grow inside of me and I would die – and I believed it. I would be extra careful not to eat seeds – until one dreadful day.

My grandmother had just come home from Costco and in her hands was the juiciest watermelon my big brown eyes had ever seen. It was a tradition for us to share a watermelon every time I came to visit. She’d cut it in half and we’d eat our halves at the table together.

I picked out every seed that I could see (I was too young to die). About halfway through, I took the fattest bite known to man – it was then that I felt the crunch and swallow of something familiar.

A seed. I swallowed a damn seed. I panicked. I suddenly felt something growing in my stomach. I thought I was going to die – so I stayed calm on the outside and cried on the inside.

Turns out, I just had to fart. I live today to tell you that you won’t die if you eat watermelon seeds.

It’s stories like these that make me realize that if us humans are too gullible, we’ll easily believe anything people tell us. Here are 10 myths that you’ve probably heard and believed that has hindered your style growth.


1. You have to lose weight before you can upgrade your style


The lie detector determines…that THAT IS A LIE! We live in a society that pressures us to look a certain way and be a certain weight. First it was a size zero, then it was hourglass, and now it’s a snatched waist and a BBL where all of your major organs have to be in your hips. I wonder what’s next. 

Either way it goes, you’re perfect the way you are. But, if you want to lose weight because it’ll make you happier, great! But don’t wait until you’ve lost the weight to start building towards the wardrobe of your dreams. There’s a reason tailors exist, boo.

If you start dressing towards your desired style, you’ll find yourself becoming more confident. That confidence will then lead to more motivation to get you towards your ideal weight. 

If you wait to upgrade your style and you know you hate how you dress, you’ll only be more insecure which eventually leads to being more depressed, which then leads into you eating yourself into oblivion. The next thing you know, you’ve gained an extra 20 pounds and you begin to question what your life is.


2. You have to follow every trend


Oh look! It’s a new trend. It’s poppin’ on social media, your favorite celebrities, and you see it everywhere in stores. People slide into ya DM’s about it, questioning why you don’t have it yet. Feeling pressured, you make your way to the nearest H&M and buy 6 different variations of this new trend, even though you know you hate it and would rather set it on fire. By the time the clothing makes it onto your body, there’s already another trend out and you’re in the same vicious cycle.

Oh, and did I mention you only wear it once? And then you still hate your closet at the end of the day?

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? You don’t need to follow every trend on this god-forsaken earth. If the trend works for you and your body and you love it – then sis, wear the bejeebus out of it. 

But if you wear it because everyone says you should, you’re not helping anyone but the fashion industry because they’re rolling in your heard-earned money and you’re still crying because you hate everything in your closet.


3. You need to look like everyone else in order to fit in


Girl, what? Who said this? I wanna know – I have a few words for them.

In all honesty though, I prefer to not look like everyone else or to fit in. I’m that red dress in a room full of LBDs (little black dresses). From experience, I found that when I tried to fit in, I lost myself in the process. This fed my already problematic depression and destroyed my already damaged self-esteem. Yay. 

Don’t lose yourself at the expense of other people. You’ll eventually find those people who love you for who you are and appreciate the fact that you don’t look like everyone else.


4. You can’t wear your dream style because of your height, weight, (fill in the blank)



Sure, there may be articles of clothing that you discovered you can’t wear because of your body type, but that doesn’t mean you give up and throw the whole style away! You’ll eventually learn what looks best on you. Whether you do that through research, trial and error, or hiring a professional – I promise you’ll get there.


5. Your mom bought it for you, so you have to wear it


Has your mom ever bought you a shirt that she loved so much that it made her eyes sparkle – but it made you want to gauge out your own? And you just didn’t have the heart to tell her that you hated it, so you took it and it just hangs in your closet collecting more dust than you ever will money? No? Just me? Oh, okay.

Guilt is a powerful emotion – especially when it comes to the people we care about the most. I’ve had multiple times where I’ve taken things from family members just because they bought it for me and then it just takes up space in my closet. Maybe at some point I wore it and was miserable the entire day because I hated my outfit.

Don’t torture yourself. And don’t let guilt force you to wear styles that you know will only leave you miserable in the end.


6. It’s on sale – so you have to buy it!



Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean you need it. As a consumer, you’re programmed to think that you need said item because of the big red 50% off sign.

You know Black Friday? Yea, ISSA TRAP TOO! 

At the end of the day, you’re wasting more money (and destroying the environment might I add) buying things on sale that you know you’ll never wear, compared to paying full price for things that you love and will wear for a lifetime.


7. A higher price means better quality


Lol – CHILLLLEEE, I can tell you stories of things that I spent so much money on only for the quality to be as raggedy as some of these wigs out here.

High prices doesn’t always mean good quality, and good quality doesn’t always mean high prices (hello thrifting!). I know people who have scored good quality designer clothing and the prices were nothing -  I also know the opposite.

Don’t let these brands fool you. Do your research before you spend your hard-earned money on something that lasts as short as some of these men in bed.


8. You have to be rich to be stylish


Honey – who lied to you? Go ahead and give me their address – I just wanna talk.

Labels mean nothing if you look a hot mess in the end. You can have all the Gucci and Chanel in the world, but if you look like a walking crackhead – then sis, only Jesus will be able to save you at this point.

I’m nowhere near rich, but I know how to look for good pieces in discount stores (like TJMaxx) and I live for secondhand shopping.


9. Once you step out of your shell, everyone will judge you


Often times your own mind hinders you from leveling up. It paralyzes you and keeps you in the same spot because you come up with the worst unrealistic scenarios. You let your fear stop you from doing what you want, instead of letting that fear drive you.

Everyone isn’t going to judge you because you choose to level up your style.

But at the same time, who cares if people judge you because you look good as hell in your new look? Let them. That means you’re doing something right. Let them stay mad in the corner while you collect your coins in your fine ass outfit and be the successful person you’re supposed to be.


10. You don’t need a community of like-minded people to learn & get inspiration from 


You’re not meant to do life alone. Humans by nature desire a connection with other humans – whether that’s through relationships or community in general. You may claim that you’re an independent woman who doesn’t need anyone at all (lol that was me) – but the reality is that you do.

Don’t let society fool you into believing that you can do everything without anyone’s help or support. When it comes to style, you especially need inspiration, motivation, and people who have mastered the art of hyping you up (because hello, we all have our days).

You’ll get just that and more in my new membership Style Worthy Club. You’ll meet some dope people, get more inspiration than you asked for, and finally wear that style you’ve always dreamed of.

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