Why clothes look good on everyone but you

Jan 14, 2022
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There you are. Sitting on your bed scrolling through Instagram, drooling over every stylish Influencer known to man. You love looking at and admiring their outfits - but then you question why you can’t look as good as them.

That admiration turns into envy. And that envy turns into frustration. The next thing you know, you’re eating tubes of ice cream and wearing sweatpants every day because you’ve convinced yourself that there isn’t a single article of clothing on this earth that will look amazing on you. That you'll never find clothes that’ll make you feel like the badass you are.

That sis is what I like to call style envy.

You heard me. I just called you jealous - because you are. You’re jealous that they’ve found their true style and confidence, while you’ve found nothing but the bottom of a tub of cookie dough ice cream.

Let me clarify something here: there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you or your body. You're perfect the way you are - every imperfection included. However, it's easy to feel like something is wrong with you or your body because you can never seem to find anything that fits.

The thing is, you can – you’re just looking in the wrong places. 

You’re driving yourself mad buying new clothes left and right, only to have them collect dust in your closet because you hate how they look on you. You have no idea what the hell you’re doing because you don’t have any guidance - you’re just buying what everyone else is wearing, not what you would wear.

You are not the problem: your mind is. Your mindset is messed up as well as the way you view yourself. You believed those shitty thoughts and deemed yourself as unworthy of wearing clothes that make you feel and look powerful – so you’ve stuck with sweatpants, leggings, and only wearing black.

You’ve entertained those negative thoughts for so long because you don’t love yourself as much you think you do – and that’s why I ditched my old program, Style Worthy Club, and created a new one: Stylish Badass.

Stylish Badass is a 10-week 1:1 coaching program where I help you find your inner badass through 3 levels: Vision, Confidence, & Action. We’ll break down each level into sub levels and get raw and deep about your style goals, limiting beliefs, and how to dress to impress.

In the end you’ll not only receive a lookbook of 30 outfits through your digital wardrobe (that’s 30 outfits that you don’t have to think about!), but also a new level of confidence, endless support from me and other women (and those who identify as such), and a changed outlook of yourself and your style. 

If that doesn’t sound like a deal, I don’t know what will.

You are a beautiful creation. It’s time for you to take up space, own that space, and look good AF in that space. 

Join the waitlist now and have them envy you instead.

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