Why You Seem to Wear the Same Thing Everyday

Oct 14, 2022
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The truth is, you hate your closet.

Now don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with repeating the same outfit – especially when you feel like not enough people have seen it (if no one saw you in it, it didn’t happen, right?).

You also spent your hard earned money on it so you better wear it till the threads scream for mercy – and then wear it some more (torture? Never that).

What is torture however, is wearing the same outfit everyday because you’re either too afraid to step out of your comfort zone, lazy (trust me, I get it), or you don’t even know what the hell you like – that’s when it becomes a problem (and also when I give you a big ole’ hug because you deserve better!).

You have a personality. You, whether you’ve recognized it or not, have an ideal personal style that you want to reflect said personality and your ideal lifestyle.

So, take a step back and evaluate your wardrobe. What are the top 3-5 items you wear the most? What do they have in common and why are you specifically drawn to them? Asking yourself these questions and being honest will force you to recognize two things:

  • Why you wear the same garments over and over.
  • Whether or not it’s time to update your wardrobe (which it most likely is, especially if you’re only wearing 5 pieces out of the 500 you own).

When your closet doesn’t truly speak to who you are and who you wanna be, you tend to wear the same thing over and over because nothing in your closet fits you. Those long-forgotten items collect dust and scream to be loved.

And you mutter the tired, overused phrase “I have nothing to wear” - when you indeed have enough clothes that would put the Mall of America to shame.

When you love your closet and every item in it, you’re going to wear every piece on repeat. You’ll notice the excitement to get dressed every morning and your confidence increasing. Because when you look good, you feel even better.

Because I love you and care deeply about your sanity, I’m gifting you my Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist. This is the same checklist I provide to my clients to help them get their style on track. The best way to get you to that confident, powerful you is to start with the basics. So, download your checklist and get started!

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