Why You Should Never Fit In

Nov 01, 2022
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Monachopsis (mo-na-kop-sis).

The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place and not fitting in.

This was a prominent feeling for me growing up.

I was the weird kid that wore dark eyeliner, fingerless gloves, a cami over a short sleeve shirt with a big ass belt, skinny jeans, and combat boots (oh the days).

You could only imagine the side glances and whispers I’d get walking down the halls filled with Hollister wearing pre-adolescent teens.

Believe it or not, those years had a negative impact on me. I began to hate what I saw in the mirror because I could never fit in. That self-hatred led me into toxic relationships not only with other people, but also myself. Eventually that hatred turned into depression and almost cost me my life.

That’s when I began to use fashion as my escape. It was the tool I used to fall in love with myself, discover who I truly was, and step into my badass.

Then I realized that it took more than a bomb outfit - I had to work on the inside too. I needed to come face-to-face with my limiting beliefs, fears, and past trauma that I carried with me for so long.

If I wanted to be successful and live the life I knew that I deserved, I had to actively work on the outside AND the inside. I had to acknowledge my worth, fix my mindset, and own my badass. As soon as I actively did the work, things began to happen - and I want the same for you.

So, I created my 3-month Program, Stylish Badass. Where I teach women, especially women of color, to master their personal style and fall in love with themselves.

Maybe you’ve felt like an outcast all your life - and people have done an amazing job at reminding you. But I want you to know that it’s a great thing that you stand out.

Countless times I changed my style because I’d try to fit in. It was until I realized that I preferred to stand out than be like everyone else that I began to thrive.

Embrace the fact that you don’t fit in and develop your personal style to reflect that. Make it your superpower. Use it to attract opportunities that’ll benefit, grow, and challenge you.

There are countless celebrities, creators, millionaires, and other successful people that used their uniqueness to their advantage - and look where they’re at now!

So cheers to never fitting in and looking good AF while doing it.

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