Why You Shouldn't be for Everyone

Sep 24, 2021
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I’m not for everyone. And neither are you. And honey - that’s okay. It’s more than okay.

Throughout my life I’ve had to learn that. Not everyone is okay with the way that I dress and speak. Not everyone can handle my personality and my obnoxious laugh. Not everyone can deal with my directness that tends to sometimes come off aggressive or even rude. And sometimes my silence stresses people out - because believe it or not, I’m an introvert. And I’m okay with silence.

I’ve always had a pretty unique style - sometimes too unique. Throughout middle school and High School I always stuck out, even when I didn’t want to. And well - that didn’t always sit well with others. There were people who loved my style. They loved how I didn’t look like every popular kid in school. How I wore pieces that usually didn’t make sense, yet I managed to pull it off anyway.

Then there were those who hated it. The funny part about this is that they never told me to my face - they would go through other people and it would eventually make its way to me. Whether that would be through my friends or some random person. 

This continued on through college.

I won’t lie - it used to get to me. Most times I’d brush it off because I actually didn’t care, and other times it got to my head.

The funny thing is though, that no matter how much it got to my head - I never changed. I continued to wear what I wanted, even though I had thoughts of changing who I was for the pleasure of other people. 

I never went through with it because it didn’t sit right with me. It wasn’t worth losing who I was just for others to accept me.

I’m sure there are things about you that you’ve noticed people tend to stray away from. Maybe they’ve verbally confessed that they’re uncomfortable with something that’s naturally a part of you. If it’s not harmful to other people, why change who you are to fit into their version of you?

I bet you’ve gotten self-conscious about it too - so much so that you tried to change. Maybe you’re naturally loud and vibrant, but people have tried to force you to be quiet and “normal” -  whatever that is. Maybe you’re super straight-forward and to the point, yet people HATE it - so you’ve stopped voicing your opinion.

That was all me at one point. People didn’t always like the fact that I was loud, vibrant, and direct. I got so self-conscious that I shut down who I truly was for YEARS. It wasn’t until just last year that I broke out of that and became unapologetically me.

And I want the same for you. 

Maybe it’s a certain style that you’ve always wanted to pursue, but never had the confidence to because you’re scared. You’re afraid of what other people will say or think about you. Maybe you fear that if you change who you are, the people most important to you will leave because they don’t like who you’ve become. 

You wanna know what I say to that?

Do it anyway. Because you never know what doors will open for you once you start doing what pleases you, instead of what pleases everyone else.

Do what’s best for you and what will help you get where you want to go. Maybe that’s joining Style Worthy Club or changing what your style says about you. It’s better not to be for everyone anyway.

Because honestly - if you were for everyone, you’d be for no one - including yourself.

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