Your Dream Style Should Be Your Reality, Not Your Vision Board

May 07, 2021
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Last Summer, I almost killed a guy.

Before you clutch your pearls and report me to the feds – let me explain.

It was the evening of July 19, 2020 – the start of my two-week vacation in Portugal and Spain. I was at my first location in Lisbon, Portugal and I’d just gotten off the train from my day trip to Sintra (highly recommended by the way).

I was on my way back to my hostel near downtown when I realized that I hadn’t eaten dinner yet (*gasp* how could I?). So, I found myself wondering around the city until I found a place that seemed appealing to me.

As I was walking around in the midst of busy traffic, I suddenly hear the horn of a tuk-tuk. At this point, I’m used to hearing tuk-tuks frequently because well – it’s a norm in Portugal, especially for tourists. 

So of course, I don’t pay attention and continue walking.

Once again, I hear the same horn. But this time I also hear yelling - so I curiously look up to see what’s going on. Turns out, the driver of the tuk-tuk is trying to get my attention. Which once again, is normal because that’s how they make their money.

But the way that this man was honking and yelling told me that he wanted me to ride more than just the back seat of his tuk-tuk – if you get my drift.  

At this point, I’m over being cat-called every time I breathed – I just wanted to eat.

Before I even had the opportunity to roll my eyes, I see a yellow tram coming in the opposite direction from the tuk-tuk. Keep in mind, that this tram clearly has the right-a-way to turn – so it does. But guess who isn’t paying attention?

If you said the guy on the tuk-tuk – you’re hella correct.

I’m sitting there in shock because this man is about to smack right into the side of a tram. He doesn’t realize this because he’s too busy staring at me – honking, yelling, and whistling. And I’m just sitting there like bro – YOU ABOUT TO DIE! IF YOU WAS THIRSTY YOU SHOULD’VE JUST GOTTEN SOME WATER INSTEAD OF RISKING YO LIFE FOR SOME CHOCOLATE.

So the tram turns and misses the guy by a millisecond – LIKE BARELY MISSES HIM!

And I’m sitting here like…oh my God. I almost became an accomplice to a death all because I’m pretty. Like y’all - I almost killed someone…BECAUSE I’M PRETTY!

The moral of the story is this: be as relentless as this Portugese man on the tuk-tuk. He was willing to risk his life for something (and someone) without even knowing if he’d be successful. He dreamed of having a beautiful black woman riding…the backseat of his tuk-tuk and he was determined to make it his reality.

What about you? What dreams do you have that you so desperately want to come true? What’s on your vision board? Are you putting in the work and taking the risks that are needed?

If one of your goals is to have a kick-ass style, but you have no idea where to start – I got you. 

Let me help you make your dream style a reality because you deserve it. *Join my waitlist for Style Worthy Club.* You’ll be glad that you did.

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