Well Hey! Allow Me to Introduce Myself.


My name's Diamond and here are 17 facts about moi.


1. Yes. Diamond is my real name. I know! Ain’t it wild? I’d show you my birth certificate to prove that I’m not lying. But then you’d know my real middle name and I’d have to kill you.

2. I prefer style over fashion. Even though I LOVE both. Style is who you say you are. Fashion is who society says you are. Both are amazing because dur- clothes, but fashion can make you believe you need something even though it doesn’t fit you.

3.  I grew up in Southern Illinois where they say “warsh” instead of “wash”. I know, I don’t get it either. It actually stresses me out. If you EVER catch that coming out of my mouth you have full permission to punch me in the throat. Don’t ask me which city it’s from though, I promise you don’t care.

4. I almost committed suicide in 2015. Whew chile, you hear that? It’s the sound of a pot of piping hot tea you ain’t ready for. But if you want the deets, read it here. Want the short version? Daddy issues. Ex issues. Feeling worthless, unwanted, & not good enough. Horrible self-esteem & sucky people. Mental health. I've been through it all - you aren't alone.

5. My hidden talent: I know every word to all of Rihanna’s songs. I’ve been part of #RihannaNavy since 2005 and she’s my biggest inspiration (ESPECIALLY FASHION WISE). Everyone who knows me knows my love (*coughobsessioncough*) for Rihanna. She’s out here saving the world and snatching wigs. Wanna know my level of style versatility? Rihanna. Dassit.

6. My life revolves around 5 food groups: Bread, cheese, oreos, coffee, & wine. Need I say anything else?

7. I love Jesus, but I’m not religious. I’m not here to shove Jesus down your throat. I’m not here to knock you upside the head with a Bible. And I’m definitely not here to yell in your face that you’re going to hell. I’ve had it done to me throughout my childhood and it only turned me off (couldn’t WAIT to go to college! Sidenote: That’s where I found him lol). I won’t come knocking on your door like a Jehovah’s witness because I have nothing else better to do. I’m not any better than you nor am I perfect (I’m a hot mess might I add). I love & respect you for who you are - regardless of your sexuality. Everyone is welcome in my circle & this is a safe space.

8. I became a published stylist after my first editorial photoshoot. My first editorial was actually with the amazing LaQuefa St. Laurent. She is a voguing queen & one of the dopest people I’ve ever met. Peep the full gallery here.

9. I’m all for diversity. I created Stylish Badass because I know what it feels like to be “the only one”. In other words, to be the only black person (or person of color) in a room full of white people. It can feel lonely and uncomfortable especially since you stick out like a sore thumb. My dream is to create an insanely supportive & diverse community of people who not only want to make all the fashion gurus cry tears of jealousy, but also develop the type of confidence that you’ve always dreamed of having. I want you to look so good that Karen’s gonna have to clutch her pearls...and her husband. 

10. I’m bilingual (and no Karen, it isn’t Spanish). In 2019 I made the audacious decision to move to Berlin, Germany for two years to work with an NGO. I went to language school for 10 months. So yeah, I have a C.1 level understanding in German. I’m pretty conversational. Next is Spanish. Hehe.

11. I have imperfections and I’m not afraid to show ‘em. No Photoshop on these streets, boo. Let’s be real, everyone does NOT have perfect skin. And I refuse to be the one who pretends that mine is. So throughout my website and social media, you’ll see all the skin struggles.

12. I’m my biggest critic, but everyone else’s biggest hype woman. LOOK - it’s a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it means that I bend over backwards to make sure that I deliver the best value. But it’s a curse because when I mess up, I beat myself up about it. Still learning to give myself grace everyday. And so should you. On the bright side, I’ll hype you up so much that your head will explode (what can I say, it’s the Nigerian in me).

13. I keep it real. I only leave the sugar coating for desserts. It’s not helpful to beat around the bush. I hate when people aren’t straight up with me, so why wouldn’t I be with you? You experience the most growth when you can handle the tough conversations.

14. When it comes to Marvel, DC (sparingly), Disney, & Anime - I ALWAYS fall in love with a villain. I can’t help it - villains are my love language. (If you try to @ me, I’ll beat you with my bat, puddin’!).

15. I’m always dancing...and listening to Afro music. What can I say? Gotta do it for the culture. 

16. I LOVE BEING A STYLIST! I love clothes, shoes, hats, insane accessories, & bold whatever! I love the look on someone’s face when they’re wearing an outfit they love. An outfit that actually fits their body & personality. An outfit that they only dreamed of wearing because they were too scared of being side-eyed (aka judged).

17. That’s my biggest dream for you...for you to achieve the confidence you need to dress the way you’ve always wanted. And be hyped up by a Stylist who fully supports you.

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