Are you tired of not having the confidence to elevate your style?

Then you're in the right place, boo.

You deserve to look good AF.


As a woman, a black person, or a person of color.

You deserve to walk into a room where everyone acknowledges your presence. 

I’m here to help you find your inner badass and have the confidence and style to match.

And I’m not talking about just any style.

I'm talking about serious style.


👏🏾 You’re going to see me style.
👏🏾 I'm a whole entire CEO style.
👏🏾 I’ve come to take yo job style.
👏🏾 It’s my birthday and y’all gon’ know it style.
👏🏾 I’m extra AF style.
👏🏾 If you didn’t know who I was, you gon’ learn today style.
👏🏾 Even though it’s a casual event, I’m gon’ show up and show out style.
👏🏾 Issa bold print in a sea full of LBDs style.
👏🏾 I came to snatch wigs and step on necks style.
👏🏾 You can beat me, but you cannot beat my outfit style.


You deserve to love yourself and your body by wearing beautiful ass clothes.

You deserve to dress in a way that makes you feel powerful, confident, and like the badass you are.

Here's The Problem...


Your confidence sucks - and your style suffers because of it.

Having terrible style and no idea what looks good on you has led you into an unending cycle of envy, frustration, and unworthiness. You hate how everything looks good on other people, but never on you.

You’re living in fear - and not having confidence holds you back from opportunities that life offers you. To top it all off, you care way too much about the opinions of others — so you don’t elevate your style because you’re afraid of what they’ll think.

As a result, you continue to self-sabotage and play small, refusing to chase after your style desires.

Okay Diamond, I get it. You basically just sat here and treated my entire life. So how are you going to help me?

The Solution


It’s time for women - especially women of color - to show up and show out! We live in a world where looks are a huge deal.

Research has shown that people form an opinion of you within the first 7 seconds of meeting you - and that’s before you’ve even spoken. And we all know the world has an opinion of us as soon as they see our skin tone. So let's say who we are by wearing clothes that reflect us.

Statistically speaking, people who have great style show an increase in confidence as well as a more positive self-image.

That increase in confidence becomes noticeable and opportunities become the norm.

Stylish Badass: The Program


My 10-session coaching program, Stylish Badass, will bring out your inner badass that I know is in you. With guided sessions, weekly challenges, and unlimited support, you’ll have Karen clutching her pearls in no time.

This program will challenge your mind and the way you view yourself and your style.

After going through my program, you’ll feel like an unstoppable stylish Queen. You’ll see an increase in confidence, clarity on your goals, and a major improvement in your style. You’ll go from envying every style guru on Instagram to becoming one that others envy.

Why Stylish Badass?

I used to HATE my skin. The pressure to have a lighter skin tone just to be considered beautiful was at a high - and that pressure still exists today. I hated what I saw in the mirror. That self-hatred led me into toxic relationships not only with other people, but also myself. Eventually that hatred turned into depression and almost cost me my life.

How did I get out of it? Through fashion. Albeit, I had a small community who helped me get through, but it mostly came down to me.

So I picked myself up, changed my style, and faked my confidence until I truly was.

And then came another problem: I was the only black person (and best dressed at that) or person of color in 95% of the rooms I ended up in. Sometimes it felt lonely, awkward, and uncomfortable - especially since I stick out like the sorest of thumbs.

But I learned to own the hell outta that - and I want to teach you to do the same.

My friends and people I barely knew would continuously ask me for help with their style. They would be shook and say things like "Wow, I never thought of putting that together" or "You always look so good! Thanks for your help."

It brought me an insane amount of joy every time.

I've been helping people find their inner badass for what seems to be forever now. From styling photoshoots, to being internationally published, to working with local artists in Germany - I want nothing more than to change lives one outfit at a time.

So Stylish Badass was born. This program is a reflection of what I wish I had before.

It's about damn time...


...for women, especially women of color, to take. Up. Space! I want more of us to take control of our lives and stop letting other people dictate our choices. I want to empower my sisters to be more confident in the way they dress.

I want more of us to stop hiding. I want us to get out of our heads and take higher positions in this world. And that starts by dressing better and feeling better.

The more confident we are, the more power we’ll have. The more power we have, the better our lives and the world can be.



What they had to say...


"Diamond, thank you. Thank you for drawing out me a new kind of confidence and beauty...I must say that my elevated style has not gone unnoticed. EVERY member of my family has bought new shoes, has had conversations about their style, have been intentional when we’ve bought new clothes, and 2 have even searched Pinterest to get dressing ideas!  Thank you from the deepest parts of my heart and soul!" -Brittany B.


"Last night, I felt like a million bucks...And it was all because of you. You made me feel so confident and I felt powerful as hell...Thank you so much." -Hailey E.

The Stylish Badass Program has three levels: Vision, Confidence, & Action. We’ll break down each level over the course of 10 weeks.


Here’s a peek of what to look forward to each session…


Session 1: Envision your Style

After completing my Fashionnaire, you'll go through my "Envision your Style" guide. You'll dream BIG and define where you want your style to go.

Session 2: Define who you Are

The people that you see with hella good style are wearing clothes that defines who they are - because they KNOW who they are. The real question is, do you know who YOU are?

Session 3: Acknowledge your Worth

You'll go through mindset work & crush those insecurities that you have (& those that will come up)! We'll work on those limiting beliefs you have around style.

Session 4: Face your Fears

We'll dig deep into the past and figure out what has stopped you from improving your style. You'll learn how to face those fears and turn negatives into positives.

Session 5: Flip your Mindset

Before we clean out your closet, we have to clean out your mind. What lies are you believing and what truths will you replace them with?

Session 6: Own your Identity

Society says SO much about you. What's most important is what you say about yourself.

Session 7: Reset your Wardrobe

Now it's time to overhaul your wardrobe and make room for the new and improved you!

Session 8: Shop with Intention

Now it's time to learn how to shop intentionally - no more wasting time and money! 

Session 9: Dress to Impress

You know your style goals. You know how to shop. You know what clothes look good on you. Now how the hell do you put an outfit together?

Session 10: Own your Badass!

Now it’s time to put everything you’ve learned into action. You’ve got the vision. You’ve got the confidence. And you’ve got the knowledge to build your wardrobe. Congrats boo!


If you follow my framework and put the work in consistently before each session, you’ll see great results. You'll stop wasting so much money on clothes because you’ll finally have a set goal, know what looks good on you, and what to shop for.
You’ll no longer be in your head, worrying about what others will have to say. Your head will be high while your heels will be higher.

Now the real question is, is this program for you?

The answer is yes if...

  • You’re ambitious and ready to look so good that Karen’s gonna have to clutch her pearls...and her husband. You’re not joining to be mediocre, boo! It’s time to get you on another level.
  • You're committed and ready to be challenged in different ways.
  • You're ready to make all the fashion gurus cry tears of jealousy because even they can't comprehend how good you look.
  • You're tired of mindlessly wasting money on clothes that you and ya momma know you're not going to wear - you want to learn how to buy pieces that you actually love.
  • You're ready for your confidence to match those sexy snakeskin heels you dared to wear.

The answer is no if...

  • You're looking for something easy and cookie-cutter. I hate to break it to you - but growth isn't easy. It's going to require you to face the past so that you can look forward to the future.
  • You're not willing to put in the work. How do you expect to get where you want to go, if you aren't willing to work for it?
  • You're just here to complain, but not actually implement anything I teach you. Not today, Satan.
  • You're comfortable wearing your "holey" leggings for the rest of your life. In other words, f*ck pants - who needs them?
  • You thought this was going to be cheap and easy. Lol. No.



Okay, so now that we've got that covered...What's the investment?

Your Investment


[ 1 single payment ]

  • 10 1:1 coaching sessions where we do more than get raw & deep into your styling needs & goals - we implement everything you learn to your life and style
  • Weekly tasks and challenges to stretch your beliefs around yourself and your style
  • Direct access to me through Slack and the exclusive Facebook group to answer all of your dying questions
  • A lookbook of 30 outfits through your digital wardrobe (10 casual, 10 work, 10 social) - That's 30 outfits you don't have to think about!

Payment Plan


[ 4 monthly payments ]

  • 10 1:1 coaching sessions where we do more than get raw & deep into your styling needs & goals - we implement everything you learn to your life and style
  • Weekly tasks and challenges to stretch your beliefs around yourself and your style
  • Direct access to me through Slack and the exclusive Facebook group to answer all of your dying questions
  • A lookbook of 30 outfits through your digital wardrobe (10 casual, 10 work, 10 social) - That's 30 outfits you don't have to think about!

My advice to you...


don’t wait.


If you’re waiting for “the perfect time” to elevate your style, you’ll be waiting forever. The reality is that there is no perfect time - and there never will be.

Something in life will always pop up. People will always have their opinions and you will have moments where you feel like you just can’t. Trust me, you can - you just choose not to.

I understand the fear behind change - believe me, I was there. But what you have to understand is opportunities don’t wait. Time doesn't wait. Life doesn’t wait. So put your foot down, rip off the bandaid, and refuse to wait. Don’t let any amount of fear paralyze you – let it motivate you to become the you you’re meant to be.



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