What if You Had the Confidence to Wear Whatever You Wanted?

Welcome to Style Worthy Club, boo.

It’s the same every morning: you wake up and drag yourself through your morning routine. You mindlessly walk up to your closet and carelessly pick out the same God-forsaken outfit. You look in the mirror and think: “Dude, the hell am I even wearing?”

I’m guessing you’ve said this to yourself a few hundred times in your life. Probably a thousand if you’re being honest.

I get it sis. I was there before. Even though I’ve always loved fashion, there were countless times that I put on an outfit, looked in the mirror, and asked God to forgive me because my atrocious outfit has sinned greatly against Him.

Honey, Let A Sista Know if This is You:


  • You’re tired of trying to live up to everyone else’s standards. You just want to live up to your own.
  • Your closet reflects the scope of the Mall of America and yet you still have the audacity to say “I have nothing to wear.”
  • You have a disrespectful amount of Pinterest boards for your dream look, but don’t have the slightest idea how or the confidence to pull it off.
  • You feel like nothing looks good on that bangin’ body of yours
  • You’re fed up with keeping yourself in a suffocating, cramped, booty-smelling box 
  • You’re actually so embarrassed of your wardrobe that even you wouldn’t date yourself



  • You’re tired of the ancestors turning in their graves because they’re disappointed every time you get dressed
  • You want to snatch everyone's edges with your new style
  • You want to grow in style, community, and confidence with a family backing you up
  • If you're being honest with yourself, you don’t like what you see in the mirror
  • You want to change, but you’re afraid of losing those closest to you because what if they don’t like the new you?
  • You let your fear and insecurities hold you back from becoming the person you know you’re meant to be
  • You know that deep within the abyss of your soul: IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE!

Okay Diamond, I get it. You basically just sat here and treated my entire life. So how are you going to help me?

The Solution:

Style Worthy Club


An online membership community filled with a diverse group of bosses who grow in style, community, and confidence. 

Think of it like having a Nigerian friend. We hype you up so much to the point where you believe that you’re a literal Goddess and where humbleness is thrown out the window. Because humble who?


What Are the Benefits of Joining the Club?

I'm glad you asked. Here's what you're gonna get:


  • Direct access to Diamond. Think of it like having a stylist on the tip of your fingers (all of your friends will be so jealous). There will be monthly Q&A sessions, themes (with workbooks for each), and more!
  • The option to schedule 1-on-1 calls with Diamond. It can be for a wardrobe cleanse, style advice, tea time (aka gossip) or simlpy because you need someone to listen. Whatever it is (unless it's illegal) I got you!
  • Clarity on your style personality. On Pinterest I've created 20 different style personalities for women, and 16 for men. We'll use these for inspiration and motivation to get you to your ideal style. You may discover that you're a mix of more than one personality type - and that's the point. Every person has their own unique style - let's show that!
  • Your own personal member profile and monthly virtual closet updates. Once you fill out my 25-question Fashionnaire (or fashion questionnaire), we’ll discover your style personality through my guides that I've created and clean out your tired-ass wardrobe. From there, we'll build the wardrobe of your dreams via monthly closet updates.
  • A valuable and diverse Facebook community where you can post your style journey and discuss your personal challenges while having others who listen, genuinely support you, and hype you up. It hits differently when you surround yourself with positive people who look like you and want to see you succeed.



Oh. You thought that was all? Haha. SIKE!

You'll also get...

  • Seasonal trend updates. Diamond will walk you through seasonal trends and how you could incorporate them into your wardrobe.
  • A personal lookbook of 30 outfit formulas: 10 work, 10 casual, 10 date/night out. ALL with items already from your wardrobe.
  • Monthly style challenges. So you can improve your styling skills and get inspiration from others.
  • Monthly video lessons. So there's always something to look forward to. {Content will be uploaded every month into The Lounge, along with workbooks for each.}


(Because you deserved to be spoiled, boo)

The first 15 members who join will receive a personalized Style Box up to 10 items! Whichever items you don’t love, send ‘em back. The ones you do, you buy!

There’s no lifetime commitment. I won’t hold you hostage sis. You can cancel your membership any time, just email [email protected] within 14 days of your next payment. There are no refunds.

Your next ride or die best friend is probably in here, so what’re you waiting for?

You right. Let me join the club.

Why I Created The Club

I was tired of people not caring - I mean genuinely caring. We live in a world where people constantly send their “thoughts and prayers”, use hashtags, and post black squares, but they never act on helping and supporting us (and yes, I’m throwing large amounts of shade). 

I was tired of being the only black person (and best dressed at that) or person of color in 95% of the rooms I ended up in. Sometimes it feels lonely, awkward, and uncomfortable - especially since I stick out like the sorest of thumbs.

On top of that, my friends and people I barely knew would continuously ask me for help with their style. They would see amazing results and say things like "Wow, I never thought of putting that together" or "you always look so good! Thank you, I needed your help."

It brought me an insane amount of joy every time. I love the look on someone's face when they're finally happy with how they look and dress.

So I asked myself, “how can I take away the pain of being unseen and unheard from my brothers and sisters while also using my passion to elevate them? How can I give them access to me and my help (as well as inspo from others) in an affordable way?"

So I rolled up the sleeves of my Powerpuff Girl hoodie (don’t you start judging me now) and got to work. I created Style Worthy Club to constantly remind you that you’re worthy of being heard and supported. You’re worthy of dressing how you want without worrying about what other people have to say. 

And that's something I wish someone told me growing up. I felt guilty for expressing myself through what I chose to wear. And I want to help you remove that guilt - permanentlyThis Club is a reflection of what I wish I had before.

Is the Club right for you?
Let's find out!

It's for you if...

  • You’re committed to being an anti-racist. We don’t play that here. SWC is a safe space. If you have any intention of dragging anyone down, trolling, bigotry, or expressing your hate for another race, keep it moving.
  • You’re ready to look so good that Karen’s gonna have to clutch her pearls...and her husband. You’re not joining the club to be mediocre, boo! It’s time to get you on another level and steppin’ on necks (PERIODT).
  • You’re open to learning not only from me, but others as well. You’ll be surrounded by people from different cultures and backgrounds. It’s important that we come together, learn from each other, and build one another up. We’re all bosses, so let’s act like it.
  • You're ready to make all the fashion gurus cry tears of jealousy because even they can't comprehend how good you look.
  • You're tired of mindlessly wasting money on clothes that you and ya momma know you're not going to wear - you want to learn how to buy pieces that you actually love
  • You're ready to go from “I have nothing to wear” to “I have so much to wear!”
  • You're ready for your confidence to match those sexy snakeskin heels you dared to wear.
  • You’re ready to give insecurity and fear several black eyes. You have talents and gifts that the Creator gave you. Let’s boss up and look good as hell while using ‘em!
If any of these describe you, I'd love to have you! You'll love it here.



Ahh, so you've made it to the end of the page I see. I'm sure you're wondering what the price is gonna be, right?


What if I told you that you get alllllllll of this for only:

No Commitment



  • Direct access to Diamond
  • Optional monthly 1-on-1 calls with Diamond
  • Your own personal member profile and monthly virtual closet updates
  • Access to a diverse Facebook community group
  • Seasonal trend updates
  • A personal lookbook of 30 outfit formulas: 10 work, 10 casual, 10 date/night out
  • Access to monthly video content in The Lounge
  • Monthly style challenges

Best Value


Annually - 2 months free

  • Direct access to Diamond
  • Optional monthly 1-on-1 calls with Diamond
  • Your own personal member profile and monthly virtual closet updates
  • Access to a diverse Facebook community group
  • Seasonal trend updates
  • A personal lookbook of 30 outfit formulas: 10 work, 10 casual, 10 date/night out
  • Access to monthly video content in The Lounge
  • Monthly style challenges
  • 2 months free ($158 value)
  • BONUS GIFT!! Every season, Annual members receive a style box of up to 10 items according to your style personality type. Whichever items you keep, you buy and what you don’t want, send back!

Will I see you in the club?

What are you waiting for?

I promise I’m here to help you look your best, with no stress (because who wants to support gravity by causing avoidable wrinkles?).