What if you had the confidence to pull off any style you wanted?


What if you had the confidence to pull off any style you wanted?

Wanna know 7 easy ways to improve your style?


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I’m Diamond. You’ll get to know me as your favorite Rihanna loving, oreo eating, wine drinking stylist (what? I’m pretty amazing). Wanna know 17 facts about me? Go ahead and click the button. Don't get scared now.


Coming August 2021... 



Style Worthy Club will be an online membership community filled with a diverse group of bosses who grow in style, community, and confidence. 

Think of it like having a Nigerian friend. We hype you up so much to the point where you believe that you’re a literal Goddess and where humbleness is thrown out the window. Because humble who? 


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Reading my weekly blog is like listening to your favorite auntie rant about life and her shady coworkers while she’s dropping some truth. She's also holding a glass of wine and wearing a white fur coat, Fenty sunglasses, and wide brim sun hat.

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May 27, 2021

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