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With her quirky personality and her love for all things fashion, Diamond takes her fashion knowledge and shares it with both men and women so that they can boss up and own their life, worthiness, and confidence through their style.

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The Devil's Mountain

When you have an audacious dream, the devil is bound to start working. He’s bound to try and stop you when God is clearly opening doors for you.

When you’re white with an audacious dream and begin to run after it, the reality is you’ll be catered to. It’s as if everyone is...

You Want Them to Remember Your Style, Not Your Scary Ass Forehead

I don’t know if y’all have noticed but – I got a big ass forehead. 

Like it’s so big, that if I’m not careful, airplanes could mistake it for a landing strip and land on that mug real quick.

You probably haven’t noticed though because well –...

What Does Your Closet and an Oreo Have in Common?

If I could identify as one thing on this earth – besides bread – I’d be an oreo.

And no, I’m not talking about the cheap sad knockoff ones that taste like regret and horrible decisions. I mean the branded real deal. The ones in the family pack. Real oreos.


Does Your Fashion Taste Remind You of Unseasoned Food? Stop Believing These 10 Myths

When I was a kid, someone told me that if I swallowed the seeds of a fruit, it would grow inside of me and I would die – and I believed it. I would be extra careful not to eat seeds – until one dreadful day.

My grandmother had just come home from Costco and in her hands was the...

Your Dream Style Should Be Your Reality, Not Your Vision Board

Last Summer, I almost killed a guy.

Before you clutch your pearls and report me to the feds – let me explain.

It was the evening of July 19, 2020 – the start of my two-week vacation in Portugal and Spain. I was at my first location in Lisbon, Portugal and I’d just gotten off the...

7 Habits of Insanely Stylish People

Chillllle. Let me tell you one thing that scares me in life (besides crocs):

Walking out of the house thinking that I look like a million dollars, when in reality I look like an overdrawn account. Thinking that I look rich, but in reality I look so broke that even the word “broke”...

10 Simple Ways to Look More Expensive

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Man. I’ve always wanted to look… like a cheap, hot ass mess.”?

Yea, I didn’t think so. 

Well, for the sake of your sanity (and mine tbh) I hope you haven’t. If you have, Imma need you to send that person to me...

Do Your Clothes Reflect Who You Are?

I was 24 when I could finally look in the mirror and be happy with what I saw.

It was the end of July 2020 – ya know, a few months after Ms. Rona decided to make her unwanted debut. *intensified eyeroll*

During the two weeks that German borders were open, I decided to take a two-week...

Make the Clothes Fit the Boss Who's Wearing 'em
There I am, lying on my bed with my red satin bonnet and iPhone in hand. I'm endlessly scrolling through Facebook like every Millennial (whoops, sorry mom).
What am I doing, may you ask?
I’m silently judging people (hey, you do it too). I'm sending outta pocket screenshots...
Are You Suffocating Your Gifts at the Expense of Other People's Opinions?

I was 24 when I finally stopped suffocating.       

When I was younger, I always got into trouble for my mouth. I was always talking in class and my mom would constantly get notes from the teacher that said, “Diamond got in trouble for talking in class...

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