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With her quirky personality and her love for all things fashion, Diamond takes her fashion knowledge and shares it with both men and women so that they can boss up and own their life, worthiness, and confidence through their style.

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Why clothes look good on everyone but you

There you are. Sitting on your bed scrolling through Instagram, drooling over every stylish Influencer known to man. You love looking at and admiring their outfits - but then you question why you can’t look as good as them.

That admiration turns into envy. And that envy turns into...

4 Ways to prevent your dream style from never leaving your vision board

And just like that, we're one week into 2022! By this time, you've probably created your vision board and wrote out all your fabulous goals for the year. You're excited, ready, and determined to meet each and every one of them (I know I am!).

But, have you ever gotten to the middle of the year...

When you just can't get out of bed

“I knew I just had to meet with you. I can tell you know what you’re doing...Thank you for asking the right questions...for actually caring to get to know me.”


The number one thing I’d been struggling with for the past month. 

Following closely behind was...

Why You Shouldn't be for Everyone

I’m not for everyone. And neither are you. And honey - that’s okay. It’s more than okay.

Throughout my life I’ve had to learn that. Not everyone is okay with the way that I dress and speak. Not everyone can handle my personality and my obnoxious laugh. Not everyone can...

Have You Ever Felt Guilty About Style and Well - Everything?

If you haven’t figured it out already – I’m kinda crazy.

Here’s what I mean.

On August 1, 2021, I landed back in good ole’ Chicago after being in Berlin for a little over two years. Yeah, you read that correctly. Me – a black woman – left the U.S. to live...

Live Your Life With the Purpose of Being Too Much

Today, I chose to be too much.

(And if we're being honest, it's how I usually choose to be).

Here's what I mean:

By the time you read this (if it’s Friday July 30, 2021), I’ll be getting ready for my going away party here in Berlin *cue cries and screams*.

If you’re reading...

What Does Your Style Say About You?

I get it – style can be stressful. Especially when it comes to shopping.

The chaos of going into a clothing store can be overwhelming AF. You have old ladies always getting in the way and sales associates pressuring you into buying an ugly dress just for that commission. Cramped aisles and...

Because Your Outfit Shouldn't Be a Deal Breaker

When you cross paths with someone – whether you’re on your way to work, an event, or meeting a friend – what’s the first thing that you notice about them?

Besides what might be their face, hair, or gigantic forehead - you instantly look at what they’re wearing. At...

7 Ways to be Bougie on a Budget

You don’t have to be rich to have style. 

Staying fashionable doesn’t involve selling your first born, your house, and what’s left of your soul.

You just need a plan, common sense, and well – some type of budget. When you have neither of these things, it’s easy...

The Devil's Mountain

When you have an audacious dream, the devil is bound to start working. He’s bound to try and stop you when God is clearly opening doors for you.

When you’re white with an audacious dream and begin to run after it, the reality is you’ll be catered to. It’s as if everyone is...

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