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With her quirky personality and her love for all things fashion, Diamond takes her fashion knowledge and shares it with both men and women so that they can boss up and own their life, worthiness, and confidence through their style.

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Top 5 Black Male Fashion Icons

Kings! I know you didn’t think I forgot about you, did you?

Like I told my sisters a couple of weeks ago, I encourage you to find your own fashion icon(s) – one(s) who catch your eye. It’s an amazing way to start figuring out your personal style and dress towards a better you.


5 Things Singles Can Do to Love Themselves on Valentine’s Day

To all of my lovely single Queens and Kings....y'all doing okay? We know that today is the day that all the couples are about to stunt on us. On your newsfeed you’ll probably see couples getting engaged, enjoying expensive dinners, or exchanging expensive gifts. You’ve walked through...

Top 5 Black Female Fashion Icons

Well look at that – it’s already February. You know what that means right? If you said, “Black History Month”, you’re ON POINT – but if you said the month of Rihanna – you’re also correct – and you deserve a Grammy. That means this month...

Hey! My Name is Diamond and I've Always Been an Outcast

It all started when I was 9. Everyone dreams of having their dad in their life on a consistent basis. In other words, everyone wants both of their parents in the same household and happily married. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for me. My parents were never married. They got together...

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